Thank you so much for today’s sessions – the process that you guided me through was profound.  your insights and guidance helped to make available to me insights and resources that were not previously available to me.  – Sondre, Melbourne

I’m doing a review of my goals for this term and I’ve realised a lot has been achieved thanks to you fostering the right thinking environment to get me past quite a few things that were just looping and going nowhere otherwise. What you provided was a focus on routines, goals, deadlines, mindfulness and flow, (and motivation through accountability!), which is exactly what I needed at that precise time. – Aaron

Chris has been a great adviser when it comes to a “how to” approach and/or dealing with day to day life-challenging situations. I believe his motto is compassion and it works (if you are willing to make effort). I also have been getting some great tips (efficient and almost effortless) from him in educating my 8 years old daughter: both academic and non-academic. I have no hesitation in recommending him to be your coach.  – Delia, Sydney

The counselling Chris offered was like taking me on a journey which encouraged me to face my emotions including some really tough ones. The result of the counselling was that I had a much more positive outlook on the challenges which happened in a really natural and organic way. I think Chris is particularly good at asking questions which facilitate new thinking and ideas in a very organic way and encouraged me to come up with solutions. – Dannie, Melbourne

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